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 Display Sheet Name

Display Sheet Name Is there a formula to insert the sheet name into a cell? By Neale Blackwood Yes. In cell A1 insert the formula =CELL("filename", A1). In another cell, enter =MID(A1,SEARCH("]",A1)+1,LEN(A1)-SEARCH("]",A1)) The first formula will display the file's full path. The second formula will display the sheet name. This is also a useful [...]


Multi-Criteria SUMIF

Multi-criteria SUMIF I use SUMIF to sum a range based on one condition. Is there a way to sum a range based on two or more conditions? By Neale Blackwood One way is to use SUMPRODUCT. The following formula will sum the range C1:C10 based on the contents of A1:A10 and B1:B10. Cell E1 [...]


 Dynamic Headings

Dynamic Headings Is there a way to change headings based on a cell that has the current month? By Neale Blackwood Yes. If cell A1 contains Feb 03 as a date, then the following formula will create the heading - Report for Feb 03. ="Report for " &TEXT(A1, "mmm yy") Note the space after [...]