Enter Values In Multiple Cells

Enter values in multiple cells Ctrl + Enter By Neale Blackwood Ever wanted to enter the same value, say zero, into a range in one go? Ever wanted to enter a formula into a range in one step? Well Ctrl + Enter will do it. Select a range, preferably a blank range. Type 0, [...]


 Calculate Part Of A Formula

Calculate part of a formula Keyboard shortcut By Neale Blackwood Sometimes when creating a spreadsheet you need to see where errors are coming from. In longer formula this can be difficult. However one technique can make it easier. If you select part of a formula in the Formula Bar and press the F9 key [...]


 Find The Limits Of A Selected Range

Find the limits of a selected range Keyboard shorcuts Ctrl + . and Ctrl + * By Neale Blackwood You can use Ctrl + * as a shortcut to selecting what's called, the current region. This includes all the cells with content around your active cell. If there are blank rows or columns around [...]

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 Easy Sheet Navigation

Easy Sheet Navigation Sheet navigation By Jeff Robson If you right-click on the sheet navigation arrows in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, you get a list of all the sheets in your workbook (so long as you don't have too many!). This allows you to quickly move between sheets without having to [...]


 Shift Key And The Toolbar

Shift key and the toolbar Reduce the number of toolbar icons The Shift key has many uses in Excel, not just changing lower case to upper case. If you hold the Shift key down and click some toolbar icons, Excel will do the opposite of what the icon says. There are only a limited [...]

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 Today’s Date Shortcut

Today's Date shortcut Keyboard shortcut + formula By Neale Blackwood If you need to enter today's date in a cell so that it doesn't change you can use Ctrl + ; (semi-colon). This inputs a date that doesn't change. If you want to input the current time you can use Ctrl + Shift + [...]