10 million rows of data in Excel

Loading 10 million rows of data into Excel

We believe it’s important that business users of Excel understand what it’s truly capable of.

Only then can they make informed decisions about if/where to invest in new software, what staff training is required and how the business can be more efficient.

Excel is capable of dramatically more powerful things than most users are aware of.

Understanding Modern Excel

The term Modern Excel generally refers to the Power Query and Power Pivot functionality of Excel, but we like to think of it as everything that’s happened to Excel in the last 10 years, including Tables, new formulas, and cool features such as 3D Maps.

Check out the 3D Map created using just Excel!

The video below aims to raise that awareness bar a little higher, plus flags an important concept when it comes to loading data into Power Pivot.

That concept is one of only importing the columns of data you need, especially those with a high level of uniqueness such as time, or database ID keys etc. These bloat your model and slow things down. The golden rule when building a Power Pivot model is only bring in what you know you need. It’s pretty easy to include extra data later when you discover you need it.

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