3 Bonus Pivot Buttons you really need

Free Add-in

By Wyn Hopkins

If you’re a regular Pivot Table creator then download this free add-in to save yourself some time.

There are a number of steps involved when creating a Pivot Table that are often repetitive and frustrating.  So much so I’ve created 3 buttons, so that a single click now replaces the multiple manual steps I used to perform.

pivot table bar

Jump to Pivot Source Simply click inside a Pivot Table and then clicking this will jump you to the source data, with the option to stay there or jump back.(No more Pivot > Change Source Data > “Oh there it is” > Cancel > “where was it again” etc.)
Pivot Reformat This takes any Pivot Table you are clicked on and converts the layout to the one I would prefer as the “default” option:

  • Tabular layout
  • No Subtotals
  • Turn off update column widths
  • Wrap column headings and autofit
  • Format all numbers with 0 decimal places
  • Thousands with commas, zeroes formatted as “-“ and negatives in RED with brackets.

Note, this is a slightly enhanced version of this solution: How to get your preferred pivot.

Pivot Toggle Sum / Count If you’ve ever added multiple columns of values to a Pivot Table and they’ve all defaulted to COUNT and then you have to manually go through and change each one to SUM, then this is the button for you!   It works in both ways – hence the “Toggle”


I created these for my own use, but thought it would be good to share with others, so I created an add-in that you can save to your computer.

The instructions on how to do this are really simple and listed out in the file itself.

Also, hover your mouse over the icons in the Pivot Addin tab (to the right of the View menu) to see a description of what each button does.

Please let me know if you come across any issues or have any suggestions for future additions.

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