A New Financial Year

An opportunity to take a fresh look at your financial models

By Access Analytic



With audit season upon us, accountants and auditors will engage in lengthy debate regarding financials and forecasts.

This examination highlights how much the health of your business is critically dependent on the accuracy of your financial forecasts – but are fundamental flaws in financial models contributing to similarly flawed management decisions always detected by auditors and acted upon?

Spreadsheet financial model audit, review and due diligence is core business for Access Analytic. We have many years’ experience, and are one of the few firms outside the Big Four accounting networks with an outstanding reputation for financial model auditing.

However, Access Analytic delivers the same outstanding results more cost-effectively, as this function is our core business specialisation. Over the past 10 years, many studies have shown that 80 to 90 per cent of significant spreadsheets contain errors. Access Analytic’s own recent audits have uncovered flaws in modelling in the mining and resources, financial services and manufacturing sectors that have individually resulted in multi-million dollar discrepancies.  And that, as they say, is just the tip of the iceberg.

An Access Analytic Financial Model Audit can restore your confidence that your business is being managed as effectively as possible, with decisions based on information derived from financial models that are free from errors. Access Analytic efficiently and thoroughly reviews your spreadsheets with specialised proprietary audit techniques developed by our Certified Information Systems Auditors and Excel Experts.


Our reviews focus on locating actual or potential errors, and also allow us to provide useful recommendations to improve current models. The Access Analytic suite of specialised auditing software tools significantly automates the process of error detection, reducing time in reviewing files.  Our staff also have skills in areas such as accounting, finance, and auditing, so we can review both the business and accounting logic and the formulas. And, with Access Analytic, you deal only with senior, highly experienced people.  We believe that dedicating critical work to an inexperienced junior does not deliver the best results for our clients.
We’re also experienced in dealing with highly confidential information.  We respect that confidentiality as part of our standard terms, and are happy to fulfill a further individual confidentiality agreement if required.

So that the only surprises you get are those we may uncover in the audit, Access Analytic provides a fixed price for all the financial model audits we perform. If changes to financial models are required, you may choose to make these yourself and have us to review them, or, we can assist you in making the changes.

Learn more about our Financial Model Auditing services and capabilities, and take advantage of the free Access Analytic Spreadsheet Risk Assessment Form.
Then, contact Principal Business Analyst Jeff Robson for a confidential discussion of your models and individual needs.