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Financial Modelling using Dynamic Array Functions – no Copying & Pasting!

by Jeff Robson Financial Modelling using Dynamic Array Functions Best practice financial modelling has always been to enter your formulas in blocks: enter a formula, then copy this across and possibly down also, making sure you have your absolute and relative references set correctly. This is very useful because it is faster to build a [...]

Read a Range Name, Table or Sheet from all Excel files in a Folder using Power Query

If you have a bunch of Excel files that all have the same structure, you can easily pick a table name, sheet name or range name that exists in all of them and read that one item from all workbooks into a single table using Power Query. It's an incredibly useful tool for situations such [...]

Power BI Data Sources for Estimating Market Share

Power BI data sources can be almost any file, database or web service. Here's an innovative way to use this amazing connectivity to estimate your market share using free information sources from the web. Facebook tells me my Market Size If you've ever placed an ad on Facebook, you'll know the incredible range of characteristics [...]

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Fix MYOB Account Numbers Exported to Excel

Fix MYOB Account Numbers Exported to Excel It used to be simple to export data from MYOB AccountRight to Excel.  With more recent versions, the export has changed which means all your formulas looking for particular account numbers won't find them.  Here's how you can fix MYOB account numbers. The Cause When MYOB [...]

7 Mischievous Adventures in Excel

This eBook has some great ideas on how to have more fun in Excel than you can poke a kitten at (usually at your colleague’s expense!) *evil laugh* If you’d like some ideas for some mischievous adventures that will mess with your friend’s head (and their models), download this now! You'll learn things [...]

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Excel Shortcuts: 22 of the very best and most handy!

A collection of our favourite keyboard shortcuts in Excel. Pin it up on your wall & share it with your friends. Shortcuts to save time and maximise productivity including: Creating charts faster Faster formatting Navigating a large spreadsheet and 19 more!        

2018-09-03T12:23:14+08:00Keyboard, Productivity|

When one Excel session just isn’t enough!

By Wyn Hopkins This simple tip may save you a lot of time and effort, but it must be used carefully. With the arrival of Excel 2013 we were finally able to easily split Excel between two screens and happily copy and paste between the two with full paste capability and without the worry of worksheet [...]

The easiest ways to add a new data series to an existing Excel chart

There are lots of ways to add a new data series to an existing Excel chart.  Here are what we suggest are the two easiest ways: Method 1: Copy & Paste Great if your data series aren't in a table or aren't adjacent to each other. 1. Select your data (including the heading) and copy this [...]


Infographic: How Digital Disruption is Changing the role of the CFO

Infographic: How Digital Disruption is Changing the role of the CFO Any CFO that still thinks their main role is to produce accounts and lodge tax returns will soon be out of a job. Digital disruption is changing the world’s economy, companies, and every job function they contain. We surveyed a number [...]


58 Crazy Excel Stories (that are probably happening in your company right now)!

  58 Crazy Excel Stories (that are probably happening in your company right now)!Crazy things happen when you mix untrained users with Excel.It’s not really rocket science.  Crazy things would happen with any complex system if you don’t train people properly.But many companies simply assume that everyone knows Excel, so they don’t need much (if any) [...]

Power Query Trap: Formula Autofill

Power Query Trap:  Formula Autofill If you output the results of Power Query to a table in Excel then it’s often really useful to be able to add an extra calculated column or two onto the end of this output table.   I used to do this all the time when using Microsoft Query. However, now [...]

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