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Hyperlink Formulas & how to use them

Hyperlink Me! The HYPERLINK Formula (who knew that formula existed?) can be really useful when navigating around large spreadsheets The simplest format is along the lines of =HYPERLINK("#A1","Any Helpful Message") This would jump you to cell A1 of the current sheet.  But that's no different to a normal old Hyperlink (via RIGHT-CLICK > Hyperlink or Insert [...]

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How do you get 4 million rows of data into Excel?

So firstly lets face facts.  Not many people need to bring 4 million rows of data into Excel.  Point accepted. However, some do, and I recently needed to do this. If you've ever checked  (Press End then the down arrow key) Excel has just over 1 million rows, but if you start adding a formula [...]

Quick Tip: Beautiful Numbers in 10 Seconds

A report is more useful if it is formatted well Steps: Highlight the numbers you want to format Right Click - Format Cells Custom > then copy and paste (or type) the following into the Type box: #,##0_);[Red](#,##0);-??_)   Done If you want to format other numbers with the same format you can always right [...]

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The 3 most requested Pivot Table Features – Free

3 Bonus Pivot Buttons you really need Free Add-in By Wyn Hopkins If you’re a regular Pivot Table creator then download this free add-in to save yourself some time. There are a number of steps involved when creating a Pivot Table that are often repetitive and frustrating.  So much so I’ve created [...]

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The Top 3 New Features of Excel 2016

The next version of Microsoft Office is just around the corner and we’re nearly as excited as this girl! So here are the top 3 new features (according to us) … let us know if you agree (download preview). 1. Cool new charts Check them out! 2. More Powerful Power Query Power Query has been with [...]

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The Top 3 New Charts in Excel 2016

Love them or hate them, Excel charts have always been a key feature.  They're a powerful way to visualize data, communicate trends, and highlight anomalies. Excel 2016 has taken charts to a whole new level by adding several charts that users have been requesting for many years! Here’s a quick tour of the top 3 [...]

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Microsoft Power BI Desktop Introduced

We’ll go into much more detail on these in future posts but this is very new stuff and we thought we’d let you know about it Key Points: It’s free and it’s pretty amazing. If you want to get more advanced then it is $9.99 per user per month. Pull your data together from single [...]

Feeling Bloated? How to fix inexplicably large spreadsheets

Sticking with the theme of the health of your spreadsheet, have you ever notice spreadsheet become inexplicably bigger? Suddenly becoming 20MB instead of 2MB. One cause is unused rows and columns. How do I check and how do I fix it? Simple, on each worksheet in your file press End then Home. Your cursor will [...]

Why multiple monitors might be killing your spreadsheets

Ever get the warning that Excel has “run out of resources” or “too many formats” or you simply can’t paste into it anymore. There’s a glitch in Excel 2010 and 2007 (fixed in Excel 2013) Am I affected? Here’s how to check. Open your Excel Files (your important ones), go to the Home Ribbon [...]

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