Auto Correct Explained

How does Excel correct my typing errors?

By Neale Blackwood

Excel uses AutoCorrect to correct common typing errors. To see which words are included, click the Tools menu and click AutoCorrect. Use the scroll bar to view the combination of letters and symbols that are included. You can add your own spelling mistakes to the list by typing the incorrect spelling in the Replace box and the correct spelling in the With box and then clicking the Add button.

You can also use this feature as a form of shorthand. You could type tba in the Replace box and To Be Advised in the With box. Then click the Add button. Now type tba in a cell and press Enter. It will automatically change and display To Be Advised.

Please be careful in the combinations you use as you may get unexpected results when typing. Also note that any additions to AutoCorrect only work on the PC they are entered on.


Word and Excel use the same file for the Autocorrect so changes you make in one will affect the other.

To access AutoCorrect in Excel 2007 click the round Office button and click Excel Options button and click the Proofing category on the left hand side. Then click the Autocorrect option button.