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 Lessons From Europe

Lessons from Europe How the Debt Crisis can Improve Your Management Reporting & Modelling By Jeff Robson Lessons from Europe: How the Debt Crisis can Improve Your Management Reporting You can't have missed events in Europe this year as the Eurozone countries grappled with an unprecedented sovereign debt crisis. The ripples of which have [...]

 Feeding The Dragon

Feeding the Dragon Australia and China: Trying Not to Get Burnt By Jeff Robson China’s economic appetite is voracious. And its rise as a political and economic power is ferocious. China has remained on a relentless period of growth in the last decade. As more and more of its vast rural population migrates to [...]

 Mitt Romney And Financial Modelling

Mitt Romney and Financial Modelling What Can Mitt Romney Teach You About Financial Modelling and Reporting? By Jeff Robson Download PDF Even before the recent US general election had been decided, the smart money was on Barack Obama successfully securing a second term as President of the United States of America. Amazingly, his victory [...]

 A New Financial Year

A New Financial Year An opportunity to take a fresh look at your financial models By Access Analytic   With audit season upon us, accountants and auditors will engage in lengthy debate regarding financials and forecasts. This examination highlights how much the health of your business is critically dependent on the accuracy of your [...]

 Forecasting & Financial Modelling Techniques, And Key Driver Analysis

Forecasting & Financial Modelling Techniques, and Key Driver Analysis By Access Analytic These two key topics were the subjects of presentations by Access Analytic Principal Business Analyst, Jeff Robson, during June’s ‘2013 CPA Week’ in Brisbane. Successful forecasting – predicting or estimating the future based on past and present data – is fundamental to [...]

 Monte Carlo In Practice

Monte Carlo in Practice Techniques for Handling Increasing Uncertainty By Access Analytic Non-financial Information may be far more important than you think. In fact, non-financial KPIs are often more important than financial information. Where financial KPIs are quantitative, non-financial KPIs can frequently be more qualitative and subjective. However, they may well drive your financial [...]

Forecasting secrets of thriving companies

Forecasting secrets of thriving companies By Jeff Robson The recently released AFP (Association for Financial Professionals) Risk Survey reveals that over 59% of CFOs are facing greater volatility in earnings today than they were five years ago. Across all types of organisations, more than half the financial professionals surveyed also reported that it is more difficult [...]

 Financial Modelling Risk Is Inevitable

Financial Modelling Risk is Inevitable Managed well, it can create business value, but the alternative can be costly. By Jeff Robson Effective modelling to quantify and manage business risk is vital across all industry sectors. Models can be Economic: examining strategic planning and project evaluation. Such models are typically long term (5-30 years), contain [...]

 How To Get Your Business Ready For Investors

How To Get Your Business Ready For Investors By Jeff Robson   RightClick Capital’s recently released Annual M&A and Investment Activity Review for 2013 indicates that internet and tech deals in Australia are booming. Australia ranked third globally, with 117 deals in 2013. Benjamin Chong, RightClick partner, said it was a very promising development [...]

 The Top 10 Ways CFOs Can Do More With Less – Part 1

The Top 10 ways CFOs can do more with less – Part 1 By Jeff Robson Travelling around to different businesses, it seems that everyone is under pressure to reduce costs and improve productivity. But how do you do this when everyone is already working really hard? They’re already too busy just getting all [...]