3D Sum Formula

3D Sum formula Is it possible to easily add up the same cell across spreadsheets? By Neale Blackwood Yes, these are called 3D formulae. To create a 3D sum formula that sums all the A4 cells in multiple sheets, open a new workbook, click the AutoSum toolbar icon, then click the Sheet2 tab, then [...]

 Dynamic Headings

Dynamic Headings Is there a way to change headings based on a cell that has the current month? By Neale Blackwood Yes. If cell A1 contains Feb 03 as a date, then the following formula will create the heading - Report for Feb 03. ="Report for " &TEXT(A1, "mmm yy") Note the space after [...]

 Toolbar Overload

 Toolbar overload Help! I've added so many buttons to the toolbar its hard to find the one I'm after? By Neale Blackwood Two suggestions; the first is to right click the toolbar area. You will see a menu of toolbars. It's likely you don't use many of your buttons all the time. So it [...]

 Auto Correct Explained

Auto Correct Explained How does Excel correct my typing errors? By Neale Blackwood Excel uses AutoCorrect to correct common typing errors. To see which words are included, click the Tools menu and click AutoCorrect. Use the scroll bar to view the combination of letters and symbols that are included. You can add your own [...]

 Dynamic Range Name

Dynamic Range Name What is a dynamic range? By Neale Blackwood A dynamic range is a range whose size changes as data is added or deleted in an area. You can use this technique to define a range for a Data Validation drop down list or define a variable length data range for a pivot table. [...]

 Copy Quickly Between Sheets

Copy quickly between sheets Is there a quick way to copy between sheets in the same workbook? By Neale Blackwood Open another window of the workbook by clicking the Window menu and selecting New Window. You will notice that the sheet name in the title bar will have ":2" added. To see the two [...]

 Dualing Screens

Dualing Screens I have recently upgraded to a computer with dual screens. Is it possible to display Excel across both screens and have one screen with one workbook and the other screen with another workbook? By Neale Blackwood To expand the Excel window across screens, first click the Restore Down button on the Excel [...]

 Cumulative Summing

Cumulative Summing I use cumulative balance columns which add the figure to the left of the cell to the value in the row above the cell. When I insert a row I have to copy the formula from the row above to the new row and to the row below for the column to [...]