When one Excel session just isn’t enough!

By Wyn Hopkins This simple tip may save you a lot of time and effort, but it must be used carefully. With the arrival of Excel 2013 we were finally able to easily split Excel between two screens and happily copy and paste between the two with full paste capability and without the worry of worksheet [...]

58 Crazy Excel Stories (that are probably happening in your company right now)!

  58 Crazy Excel Stories (that are probably happening in your company right now)!Crazy things happen when you mix untrained users with Excel.It’s not really rocket science.  Crazy things would happen with any complex system if you don’t train people properly.But many companies simply assume that everyone knows Excel, so they don’t need much (if any) [...]

Stop merging cells!

Stop merging cells! One Microsoft Excel Insider has been quoted as saying that 53% of Excel Users merge cells. There is a standard tool on the toolbar called “Merge and Center”, it “merges” two or more cells into one and then centers the text horizontally within the merged cell. This can cause a number of [...]

The Great 48 Excel Toolbar

The Great 48 Excel Toolbar We love Excel and it can do some pretty amazing stuff. But sometimes there are a lot of unnecessary steps and clicks which are quite annoying, especially when you’re using Excel all day long! So we developed this Excel toolbar for ourselves and now we're sharing it with [...]

 Drag Letters The Same As Numbers

Drag letters the same as numbers Is it possible to have Excel increment the letters of the alphabet in the same way it increments numbers, when you drag the fill handle? By Neale Blackwood Yes, Excel's Custom List feature will allow you to do that. The easiest way to create a Custom list is [...]

 Do Not Pass Go To

Do not pass Go To  F5 Function key By Neale Blackwood Pressing F5 or Ctrl + g opens the Go To dialog. Using the Go To feature has a number of advantages. The first is you can press F5 followed by Enter to return after following a hyperlink. This also works if you have [...]

 Rounding Via Formats

Rounding via formats Custom formats By Jeff Robson When you're doing your budgets or annual reports, you often need to switch easily between dollars and cents, whole dollars, and thousands. Switching between dollars and cents, and whole dollars is easy: just use Excel's built in formats (either the "$" or "," buttons) and increase [...]

 Copying Visible Cells Only

Copying visible cells only Visible cells only By Neale Blackwood If you copy a range that has hidden rows or hidden columns and then paste it, you will find that Excel pastes even the hidden values. To paste only the visible cells you need to select the visible cells before you copy. Select the [...]