Data Point Label

Labelling a single data point

By Neale Blackwood

Did you know that you can label a single data point on a Line chart? This may be the highest, lowest or last data point on the line. You may want to label it to highlight a specific issue.

To get a label on a single point, first click the point once, wait and then click it again. Don’t double click it, as that will bring up the options for the line or all the data points rather than the single point. Now right click the data point. Click Format data point. Click the Data labels tab and select show value. Click OK. If you need to add more labels repeat the clicking twice process and then press F4 to repeat adding the label.
This technique will work for most other chart types. Just click twice on the object involved (column, bar, pie segment) before right clicking.
In Excel 2007 you click twice on the data point to select it, then click the Layout Ribbon tab and click the Data Labels button in the Labels section and make your choice.