Display Day of the Week

How can I display the day of the week in a cell instead of the date?

By Neale Blackwood, 18 Jun 09

To have the day of the week displayed in a cell based on another cell, use one of these formulae (this assumes that the date you are using is in cell A1).

Example 1:


Example 2:

You can change the format of the date itself by using a CUSTOM format. Press Ctrl+1 (or format menu/format cells). Select the number tab. Select the custom category. Type dddd or ddd in the “Type:” box. Click OK. You can also use these formulae and formats to display month names by changing dddd to mmmm and ddd to mmm.


First published: CPA Australian Magazine October 2002 – Page 65 Excel Yourself


Excel 2007

In the Home Tab of the Ribbon click the Number Section arrow (see below) to quickly access the Number Tab in the Format Cell dialog.