Enabling Macros in Excel 2007

Automatically allow some macros

By Neale Blackwood

Enabling macros has changed slightly in Excel 2007. You can avoid having to remember to enable them by having them enable automatically from folders you classify as trusted. To set up trusted folders follow these steps.

  1. Click the Round Office button top left corner
  2. Click the Excel Options button
  3. Click Trust Center option (left side)
  4. Click Trust Center Settings button
  5. Click the Trusted Locations (left side list)
  6. Click the Add new location button (bottom right of screen)
  7. Click the Browse button and find the folder with the macro files then click OK
  8. You can check the Subfolders option so that subfolders are also trusted.
  9. Click OK 3 times.

Next time you open the files from that folder the macros will be enabled automatically.

First published: CPA AUSTRALIA Website 2009