Invest for Excel How To Buy

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Invest for Excel: How to Buy

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How to Buy

Get to Know the Software

Request a Proposal

Our consultants will discuss your requirements with you to ensure you are selecting the version that is best for you.Many clients are also interested in options that help them get even more out of your investment such as: training, ongoing maintenance, customised solutions and help desk support.Once we’ve discussed these options with you, we’ll prepare a short proposal for your consideration.If you’d like to proceed, you simply sign this proposal off and we’ll organise the delivery of the software and any services (normally within 7-14 days).Contact us to obtain your proposal.

Installation & Training

Implementation is very quick and easy: simply install the program from the CD!
Training can be provided either remotely or in your office, according to what has been purchased.
Ongoing support is available via phone or e-mail.

Pricing (AUD ex GST)






1 5,950 3,100 2,050 1,020
5 20,200 11,700 8,300 4,400
10 36,000 21,200 15,600 8,300

Compare Versions

*Named users (contact us for pricing on other numbers of users).


Complete Solution

We can provide far more than just software!

We partner with you to ensure you get maximum benefit from your software by providing a range of consulting services that many clients find extremely valuable:

  • Assistance in integrating Invest for Excel to ERP/accounting systems
  • Development of customised templates to boost productivity even more
  • Training for key staff
  • Best practice review of investment approval processes

Just enquire for further details!