Get on Excel’s case

Case sensitive functions

By Neale Blackwood

If you need to change the case of text, Excel has three functions that can assist. The functions are UPPER, LOWER and PROPER. Examples of the output are shown below.

The formulas assume cell A1 contains john SMITH and A2 contains 30/6/09. The TEXT function below is used to format dates for use as text, typically in dynamic report headings.

=UPPER(A1) will display JOHN SMITH
=LOWER(A1) will display john smith
=PROPER(A1) will display John Smith

=”Report for “&TEXT(A2,”D MMMM YYYY”) will display Report for 30 June 2009
=”Report for “&UPPER(TEXT(A2,”D MMMM YYYY”)) will display Report for 30 JUNE 2009