How Many Months Between Two Dates

// How Many Months Between Two Dates

How many months between two dates

MONTH functions

By Neale Blackwood

How many months? If you need to calculate the number of whole months between two dates there is a formula that can do it. This might be used to see how many months a project will last.

If Cell A1 has the start date and B1 has the end date the following formula will calculate the number of months between the dates.


If you need to know the number of months involved in the project, add one to the formula.

Alternatively if you want a simpler approach that only gives the absolute number of months

= YEARFRAC(A1,B1) * 12

If you don’t want a decimal then wrap it in a ROUNDUP


= ROUNDUP ( YEARFRAC(A1,B1) * 12 , 0)