Line break within a cell

Is it possible to insert a new line within a cell?

By Neale Blackwood
Yes, when typing in a cell hold down the Alt key and press Enter. This inserts a new line within the cell. You can insert as many lines as you want, but be warned that when you select the cell the formula bar will cover up the sheet space at the top of the sheet and row height will expand accordingly.
This technique is useful for headings in narrow columns or when entering a formula. Note: if you refer to a text cell with an inserted line the result may display a square symbol for the inserted file.


This technique is different to using the Wrap Text format as you determine where the line break will be rather than the column width determing the break.

In Excel 2007 you can modify the height of the formula bar to dispay more lines that don’t encroach on the spreadsheet. There is a double headed arrow on the line below the formula bar. Click hold and drag the double headed arrow to increase the hieght of the formula bar. See below.