List Range Names

Is there a way to list all the range names in a workbook?

By Neale Blackwood

Yes. Go to a cell where you want the list to start, then press the F3 key to open the Paste Name box and click the Paste List button to paste all the names used. Note: this list is done at a point in time, if you add more names or modify a name, the changes will not be updated in the list. You will need to paste the list again. Listing your range names is a good documentation practice.

If you want to view ranges names on your worksheet simply change the zoom percentage to 39 per cent, or lower, and you will see your sheet with the range names displayed in the cells that they apply to. The zoom percentage can be accessed via the View menu and then select zoom. You can select a standard percentage or type in your own percentage. This technique will not display dynamic ranges names. If you have a scroll mouse button you can hold down the Ctrl key while scrolling to zoom in and out of a sheet.