List Unique Items in a List

Can Excel extract unique entries from a column?

By Neale Blackwood, 18 Jun 09

Yes. First select all the entries. Then click the Data menu click Filter, click Advanced Filter. Click Copy to Another Location, click Unique Records Only. Click in the Copy To: box and select a cell to copy the unique list to. Click OK.


Depending on the layout of your data, you may see a warning message regarding column labels. If this happens, just click OK. You may have the first entry repeated if you didn’t have a column label.

First published: CPA Australian Magazine December 2002 – Page 65 Excel Yourself


Excel 2007

To access the Advanced Filter in Excel 2007 click the Data Tab of the Ribbon. Select the Advanced option in the Sort & Filter Section. The other instructions from above apply to Excel 2007.