Power BI Desktop

We’ll go into much more detail on these in future posts but this is very new stuff and we thought we’d let you know about it

Key Points:

It’s free and it’s pretty amazing.

If you want to get more advanced then it is $9.99 per user per month.

Power BI steps

  1. Pull your data together from single or multiple data sources
  2. Slice and Dice (Pivot Table, Pivot Chart) the data
  3. Create Charts & Dashboards
  4. Publish them to a secure website and choose who in your company to share these dashboards with (you can only share with people with the same @xyz.com address)

You can either create these reports in 1 of 3 places:

    1. Online: PowerBI.com
      On your machine (and then upload to Power BI.com when ready to distribute).
    2. Power BI Desktop (download this from www.PowerBI.com)
    3. Excel – using Power Pivot and Power Query – we love these tools!

Find out more from Microsoft’s website, and contact us for a demonstration.