Multiply a range of cells by a factor

I have a range of cells & I need to multiply all the cells in the range by a factor. Is there is any easy solution?

By Neale Blackwood

Solution 1: Formula & Range Name

One way is to use a range name. First enter the factor value in a cell and name that cell Factor.

The easiest way to create a name is to use the name box above the A column heading and below the ribbons – it typically displays the current cell reference. Simply type Factor in the name box and press Enter.

Then in another cell enter the formula:

= Factor

– then press Enter. This cell should display the factor value. Now copy the cell that has =Factor in it. Then select the range you want to multiply by the factor.

Right click the selected range and select Paste Special. Then select Multiply and click OK.

Now all the cells in the range will have *(Factor) added to their formula.

You can change the value in the cell named Factor and the other cells’ values will change.

Solution 2: Paste Special Values Multiply

Maybe only need to do the multiplication once: eg convert positive to negative numbers (or vice versa).

  1. Type the conversion factor in a cell e.g. -1
  2. Copy that cell
  3. Select all the data you want converted
  4. Go to Paste Special & check Values and Multiply

This will multiply all your data by the conversion factor.  Once that’s done, delete the conversion factor.