Paste Linking

I use Paste Link frequently. Is there a quick way to access it instead of going through Paste Special each time?

By Neale Blackwood

Unfortunately Paste Link doesn’t have a toolbar icon. However, when you drag a selection with the right mouse button there is a “Link here” option, which is the same as Paste Link. This is handy if you are linking within the sheet. If you are linking to other sheets, there is a simple macro that performs Paste Link after you have copied. You could assign the macro to a toolbar button to speed up your use of Paste Link. The macro is:

Sub PasteLink()
ActiveSheet.Paste Link = True
End Sub

When you Paste Link a single cell, Excel will use an absolute cell reference – for example $A$1. When you Paste Link ranges Excel uses relative cell references such as A1:A10.

Note: Excel XP and Excel 2003 have expanded paste options that include Paste Link.