Paste Subtotals Only

Is there a way to just paste the subtotals?

By Neale Blackwood, 18 Jun 09

I have a subtotaled list. I want to copy just the subtotals. However, when I paste I get all the detail as well as the subtotals. Is there a way to just paste the subtotals?

Yes. First make sure only the subtotals are showing. Then select your range, press F5, click the Special button, select “Visible cells only”, click OK. Then copy, then past your selection.


Only values will be pasted. You can use Edit/Paste Special/Paste Link when you paste to link to the cells with the subtotals. Be warned that if you change the data and re-subtotal the list the cell references may change and the links may not be valid.

There is a Toolbar button for “Visible cells only” if you need to use it regularly.
First published: CPA Australian Magazine February 2003 – Page 55 Excel Yourself


The keyboard shortcut for selecting Visible Cells Only is Alt + ;
Toolbar Icon


This is at the bottom of the Edit Category in Customize dialog.
Excel 2007

Unfortunately there is no toolbar icon for this in Excel 2007.