Project Description

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Acuity Coaching, a highly-regarded firm of business coaches, required a model that would allow their clients to conduct “what-if” analyses on a range of variables in their businesses to immediately see the effects of making the changes suggested by the coaches.

Business Challenge

Acuity needed a model that would allow a wide variety of businesses to model different levels of product, pricing and resource mixes to achieve an optimised business structure and profitability.

Due to the nature of Acuity’s clients, the model needed the flexibility to enable it to be used across a broad range of industries. The model needed to address both the client’s financial needs as well as Acuity’s business coaching requirements.

How Access Analytic Helped

Acuity selected Access Analytic to construct their Business Scenario Model due to our modelling experience, in-depth understanding of accounting and finance, and business expertise.

We performed a detailed fact find which clarified the project objectives and requirements, then constructed the model whilst maintaining close contact with Acuity.

Using our experience and expertise, we provided many valuable suggestions and recommendations that significantly enhanced the functionality and flexibility of the model. The model was branded using Acuity’s logos and styles to maintain their brand consistency and professionalism with their clients.

Business Benefits

  • Acuity were able to help their clients run scenarios on their businesses and make management decisions with confidence.
  • The model is used by Acuity coaches with all their clients (at the appropriate time) as it provides all businesses with a powerful analytic tool for managing their business and examining the effects of making changes to business structure/costs/revenues.
  • The model provides Acuity with a very tangible way of highlighting and addressing the imbalance between operational and management issues in businesses.
  • The product was initially going to be given to clients as a free extra service but it has been so successful that it is now sold at a substantial price to all their clients. As a result, Acuity have recouped their initial investment and now generate a profit from this product.