Project Description

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A mining company located in outback Australia.

Business Challenge

The global parent company of our client required an accurate budget within a very short period of time.This put significant pressure on management and accounting staff as they didn’t have the resources to devote to this task.

The budget spreadsheets from previous years were not integrated; they were difficult to use, and lacked flexibility, integrity and presentation-quality output.

There was significant data duplication and re-keying of information to and from the accounting system, with significant opportunity for errors.

How Access Analytic Helped

We flew to the client’s location and worked onsite to get all the spreadsheet systems in order.

The end result was a well-documented, budgeting system with standardised, flexible budget input schedules that were customised for the client’s business units and an easy-to-use navigation system.

The budgeting system was fully integrated with the company’s accounting system (Pronto) so that information flowed automatically to and from the spreadsheets without any re-keying of data.

The output produced was of board-level presentation quality, properly formatted, summarised, and automatically checked for integrity.

Business Benefits

  • Because the new budget system was based around the previous spreadsheets, users were able to complete their sections with a minimum of training, thereby saving a significant amount of time.
  • The company produced their budget on time and satisfied their parent’s requirements. By delivering a quality product on time, management maintained their reputation for delivering results.
  • The company now has a very useful tool that can be used again next year with only minor modifications or for mid-year re-forecasting. The investment in getting the systems right can be leveraged over a number of years by appropriately trained staff.
  • Due to the model’s flexible design, the client does not require additional involvement from Access Analytic staff, thereby increasing independence and reducing ongoing costs.