Project Description

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One of the largest civil and mining contractors in WA, focussed on providing opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Business Challenge

Ngarda were using a budget model that had been put together internally then changed many times over the years to accommodate many last-minute requests and changes.

This resulted in a budget model that was difficult to use, error prone and depended heavily on the Financial Controller to run since she was the only one who understood how it had been constructed.

How Access Analytic Helped

We worked with the Financial Controller to redevelop the budget model.

We consolidated a number of areas within the budget model and standardised the templates that were being used to automate and streamline the budget model.  We also included built-in error checks, diagrams and documentation so to reduce the opportunity for error and reduce the person-dependency.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced risk: by removing the inconsistencies that previously existed and developing automated formulas that allow flexibility, changes can be made in a controlled way that preserves the integrity of the model.
  • A standardised process that reduced the opportunity for error and removed the person-dependency that previously existed.
  • Improved reporting: the new model significantly improved the reporting and functionality delivered by the model, making it easier and simpler to use.
  • Significantly reduced time required to produce and update the budget.
  • Enhanced functionality and reporting to provide better analysis and visibility.