Project Description

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A manufacturer of the Nubax® Trio, a home traction device designed for home use in the relief of back pain.

Business Challenge

The owners of Nubax had previously developed their own financial model to assist with presenting information to potential investors with a view to raising capital to expand the business.

The model had not been structured in flexible or user friendly manner. The result was a model that was difficult to follow, time-consuming to change and error-prone.

This made it difficult to effectively and confidently communicate financial information to potential investors.

How Access Analytic Helped

We were engaged to develop a user-friendly, easily understandable model that would allow the client to quickly demonstrate the financial implications of various potential scenarios.

Time was a critical factor so simplicity and clarity were key in the planning and development of the model.

Business Benefits

  • Clearly identified assumptions that were more logically grouped and formatted allowed investors to intuitively understand the assumptions and assess their effects.
  • Since the new model was structured in a modular fashion it was able to be easily amended and adapted as requirements changed e.g. the addition of new country of distribution can easily be included.
  • Various investment scenarios and levels of detail could be instantly shown when required and outputs were designed using a consistent, pre-defined presentation format. This allowed potential investors to drill-down to details in areas of particular interest or simply view summarised results.
  • A clear path of link between calculations and outputs aided users and investors to quickly understand, and therefore have confidence in, the model’s projections.