Project Description

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Business Challenge

A Perth local council wanted to change the parking charges on its various car parks plus construct some new ones.

As such, they needed to model a range of different scenarios to test which would result in an optimum mix and what the effect would be of various changes being contemplated.

The Council had developed a model internally however this was difficult to use, didn’t have the flexibility they needed and didn’t present the information well.

How Access Analytic Helped

Working from the Council’s offices, we developed a new financial model. During this process, we discovered in accuracies in the previous model that were producing incorrect results.

The end result was a well-documented, flexible, well-presented parking model that could easily analyse the variety of scenarios that the Council needed to examine.

The parking model was integrated with the Council’s automated parking monitoring system so that new information could be easily incorporated into the model without rekeying.

The output produced was of presentation quality, properly formatted, summarised, and automatically checked for integrity.

Business Benefits

  • Because the new parking model was based on the previous model, users were able to operate the model with a minimum of training, thereby saving a significant amount of time.
  • The Council officers were able to undertake the analysis and show the effects of various potential decisions. This allowed them to provide tangible support for the decisions being considered, thereby avoiding opinion based arguments.
  • The Council now has a very useful tool that can be used again and again to analyse parking decisions that may be required again in future. The investment in getting the model right can be leveraged over a number of years by appropriately trained staff.