Project Description

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A retail pharmaceutical company located in Western Australia.

Business Challenge

The company had recently relocated to new premises and had over-extended itself in the process. A consultant had been appointed to help the company restructure its debts and trade out of difficulty.

The consultant worked with the business to design a range of strategic initiatives that would help the business trade out of difficulty but they needed a way to communicate this effectively to the bank.

How Access Analytic Helped

We utilised the Invest for Excel financial modelling software to quickly develop a robust, user-friendly and flexible model that clearly showed the financial impacts of the various strategies to be implemented.

The model included an integrated balance sheet, cash flow and profit & loss statement as well as sensitivity analyses and loan calculations.

It also included options that could be easily switched on or off to show the impact of various strategies and decisions.

Business Benefits

  • The bank was very impressed by the model as they were able to see the full impact of the strategies, and easily undertake their own analysis.
  • As a result, the business re-gained the bank’s confidence and were able to secure the additional funding required to trade out of difficulty.
  • As the business avoided failure, the bank also avoided the potential losses that could have arisen in a receivership or liquidation scenario.