Project Description

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Technip, a transnational construction, engineering and project management firm, needed a standardised and fool-proof Microsoft Excel template to gather vital information from its large network of suppliers.

Business Challenge

Technip is contracted to build an offshore LNG processing platform as part of Chevron’s Wheatstone project. To undertake this project, Technhip needed to secure detailed information on the inventory of parts that each of its suppliers can access to ensure project design specifications can be met.

The solution had to be:

  • Highly secure – the structure and functionality of the template had to remain unaltered despite being used by over 200 different suppliers.
  • Highly comprehensive – the template had to be capable of containing and reconciling millions of pieces of data.
  • User friendly – the template had to be simple and clear enough for suppliers to use without having to contact Technip for help.

How Access Analytic Helped

We built a customised and robust data collection template which contained the following key features:

  • A step-by-step guide – individual suppliers were only required to complete certain sections of the template so functionality was created to direct each user only to the relevant sections.
  • Warning notices – to alert users about any missing or incorrect data.
  • High security – the only sections of the template that users could alter were those where data has to be entered.

Business Benefits

The template saved Technip significant time and money because information in the template is now correct and properly structured, reducing the risk of error.

As part of delivering the solution, we were also able to provide training and up-skilling for Technip staff, providing an ongoing benefit from the investment.