Project Description

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A tax-effective agribusiness company involved in growing sandalwood in the Ord River region of Western Australia.

Business Challenge

TFS needed an investment model to help them compete effectively against other agribusiness investment schemes.

They had a number of spreadsheet based investment models that they wanted to present to prospective investors so that the investor could enter their own details and see the result of different scenarios both in a report and visually in a chart.

How Access Analytic Helped

We designed an interactive spreadsheet that allowed advisors to demonstrate the benefits of different investment scenarios to their clients.

The colour scheme of the finished project matched the company’s Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”), website and other marketing materials so appeared as a logical extension of these.

The finished product provided a slick, interactive sales and marketing tool which was easy for financial advisors to use, and easy for their clients to understand.

Business Benefits

  • Due to its flexible design, the model can be re-used year-after-year with only minor amendments. This saves TFS many hours that would otherwise be spent manually updating various models they were using previously. It also dramatically improves accuracy and decreases checking time.
  • By making it as easy as possible for financial advisers to access information about TFS products, the company maximised its sales opportunities.