Project Description

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WRF Securities was a boutique fund manager that provided investment opportunities through property syndication, and property development.

Business Challenge

As the result of a strategic review, the company wanted to implement a new accounting system, and redevelop its management reporting and budgeting systems.

Since the company did not have the resources to establish the new reporting and budgeting systems required, they engaged Access Analytic to assist.

How Access Analytic Helped

We reviewed the configuration of the group structure and accounting system then worked with our client and their software vendor to produce a range of spreadsheet-based management reporting and budgeting systems.

The solutions produced were fully integrated with the accounting system so that information flowed automatically between the spreadsheet reporting and budgeting systems and the accounting system without any re-keying or copying and pasting of data.

A range of controls and automatic checks were built-in to the files to ensure they remained in balance and any issues were easily identified.

Business Benefits

  • By reducing the amount of manual intervention in the budgeting and reporting processes, both the time required and the opportunity for error are reduced. These factors mean that reporting cycles are days or even weeks shorter than before, and the information contained is also more reliable thereby enabling greater responsiveness and adaptability.
  • The company now has a range of very useful tools that can be used each year (including mid-year re-forecasting). The investment in getting the systems right can be leveraged over a number of years by appropriately trained staff.
  • Due to the model’s flexible design, the client rarely requires additional involvement from Access Analytic staff, thereby increasing independence and reducing ongoing costs.