Acterys Budgeting & Forecasting Software

Acterys is a flexible budgeting & forecasting software framework.

Utilising Microsoft’s SQL Server, Power BI and Excel, the Acterys budgeting & forecasting software allows businesses to rapidly integrate data from different accounting/ERP systems, companies, and sources together into a flexible, centralised data model.

The Acterys budgeting & forecasting software framework lets you design interactive reports, dashboards and planning processes that are integrated with Power BI, Excel, the web and mobile devices, exactly to your requirements and without specialist IT skills.

Acterys Features

Acterys Worldwide Offices

Acterys Worldwide Offices

The Acterys budgeting & forecasting software framework provides world-class features at a very cost-effective price.

  • Flexible planning, budgeting & forecasting framework
  • Built on Microsoft SQL Server technology
  • Utilises Power BI for reporting & analytics
  • Cloud (Azure) or on-premise
  • Pre-built connectors for accounting/ERP systems
  • Security model & one version of the truth
  • Workflow: Microsoft Flow
  • Built by Managility, which was founded 2007 and now has offices & clients worldwide




Acterys Budgeting & Forecasting Software Benefits

  • Single version of the truth: all data is stored centrally
  • Rapid development of budgeting/forecasting solution
  • Flexible, scalable solution that can adapt to your business & change as future needs evolve
  • Utilise all the power, functionality and beauty of Power BI: design your reports & analysis your way
  • Enter data in a graphical environment & immediately see the impacts
  • Connect to virtually any data source: different accounting systems, different companies, different formats etc
  • Very cost-effective: don’t waste money on expensive solutions

How does it work?


How do I put my Budget/Forecast into Acterys?

  1. Use the Acterys Modeller to tailor the Acterys pre-built budget/forecast template to your business
  2. Populate your budget/forecast data via upload from Excel and/or enter data directly into Power BI
  3. Connect Acterys to your accounting/ERP system to get actuals, using the Acterys pre-built connectors or PowerQuery in Excel
  4. Tailor the pre-built Acterys Power BI reports or design your own using Excel, Power BI or Tableau

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