By Wyn Hopkins



    Power Query and a Key Word search (Episode 1)

    This demonstration came about due to a real life scenario where I needed to categorise a transaction listing (like a bank statement for example) so that I could generate a summary report of categories of spend.

    All sorts of tips can be picked up from this tutorial:

    Table tips, Conditional Column, Merging a query with itself….

    And just to be fancy we throw in a cartesian join, Comparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase, and Table.Buffer

    It’s not as scary as it sounds!!

    We have the demo file here for you to use:

    Free Download



    Excel and Power BI are awesome thanks to Power Query. Learn more from Gil Raviv’s book, definitely one to add to your collection.

    As I mentioned in the video I’ll do a few more on this topic where I approach the same problem but use:

    a) a couple of Excel functions (including the new FILTER function)

    b) using a Power Query custom function

    Hope you find it useful!