Tips on Refreshing Pivot Tables

Speed up your Pivot Tables

By Wyn Hopkins

Refresh All Pivot Tables
If you need a better way to quickly refresh all the Pivot Tables in your workbook, here’s a short macro that’ll do just that:

Sub RefreshALL

‘Refresh all Pivot Tables and SQL queries


End sub

Or alternatively, if you don’t want to refresh the SQL queries:

        Sub PivotRefresh()

‘Refresh only the Pivot Tables & not the SQL queries

Dim iCache As PivotCache

For Each iCache In ThisWorkbook.PivotCaches



End Sub

Disconnecting Two Pivot Tables

Occasionally it’s annoying when you just want to refresh one Pivot Table and all of them update because they are all feeding off the same Pivot Cache.
So here’s an interesting way you can use the old Pivot Table Wizard (ALT-D-P) to disconnect them and give yourself the ability to refresh just one single Pivot Table.
Microsoft KB Article.