Toolbar overload

Help! I’ve added so many buttons to the toolbar its hard to find the one I’m after?

By Neale Blackwood

Two suggestions; the first is to right click the toolbar area. You will see a menu of toolbars. It’s likely you don’t use many of your buttons all the time. So it might be better to make a toolbar visible while you are doing a specific task, for example, working with drawings, then hide it once you have finished. You can then remove those buttons from your permanent toolbar.

The second suggestion is to use your Shift key while clicking a toolbar button. Some buttons will perform a different (usually opposite) operation when you hold the Shift key while clicking them (Align Left will Align Right with the Shift key, Sort Ascending with Sort Descending with the Shift key). Hence you might be able to remove some buttons because one button can do two operations. The Shift key can be used with most buttons that have an opposite button.
Tip: You can create your own specific toolbars that will be listed just like the built-in toolbars when you right click the Toolbar area. To learn how, search for “toolbars” in Help and look at Customize Menus and Toolbars.


In Excel 2007 you can’t customise the Ribbon, but you can add buttons to your Quick Access Toobar.