The Great 48 Excel Toolbar

We love Excel and it can do some pretty amazing stuff.

But sometimes there are a lot of unnecessary steps and clicks which are quite annoying, especially when you’re using Excel all day long!

So we developed this Excel toolbar for ourselves and now we’re sharing it with you.

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It has all the shortcuts we use every day including a lot of shortcuts we’ve written ourselves using VBA (Macro) code.

  • Ever been annoyed by the default Pivot Table layout – we have a button to fix that.
  • Ever found it painful formatting your numbers nicely    1,234,999 or (1,234,999) – we have a button for that.
  • Still using VLOOKUP?  Much better to use INDEX MATCH instead – we have a button for that.

So here’s The Great 48Access Analytic Toolbar … 48 of the best functions you’ll ever use!

Excel Toolbar 1Excel Toolbar 2

48 different buttons are a few too many to get your head around to start with so we’ve picked a few of our favourites from each section & highlighted them below.

Excel Toolbar Recommendations 1 Excel Toolbar Recommendations 2 Excel Toolbar Recommendations 3

So here’s the catch…..

  1. We ask to you to share this with at least 1 other person you know
  2. We ask you to let us know if you find any bugs or issues or suggestions for improvements.  This is a toolbar we use internally and we haven’t developed it as a commercial grade product,  however one day, if we get enough positive feedback we may well just do that.

Free Download

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