In-House Training Course FAQ

Course Administration

You only need to provide us with a room that has desks, chairs, and power. We provide the rest.

If you don’t have a suitable room, just let us know and we can recommend a third-party training facility. For small groups in Perth, we can also provide our own facilities.

Yes! We provide you with our free, helpful guide entitled “Running a Successful In-house Training Course” (Word | PDF) .

This contains lots of great information on how to promote the course internally, get the right people on the course and checklists to help you organise everything so your course runs smoothly and participants get maximum benefit from attending.

Our Course Coordinator will also be in contact with you at regular times before the course to ensure everything is ready.

If you need additional help or have any questions, just call or e-mail us.


Most general courses focus on Excel’s functionality. Our courses are different in several ways:

  • We go beyond explaining just the functionality and focus on applying the knowledge gained to solve the types of issues Finance and Accounting staff typically face on a day-to-day basis.
  • We provide courses in many niche areas that are important to Finance and Accounting staff but aren’t usually covered in general courses eg Workbook Structure, Productivity etc.
  • Many of our courses provide training in the principles of Finance, Accounting, and Excel eg Financial Modelling. These are not normally covered in general courses.
  • We encourage participants to bring along their own files and models so we can either incorporate these into the course (if possible) or provide one-on-one assistance. This is a huge benefit in helping participants understand how to apply what they’ve learned to what they do in their work.
In-house courses work best with between 4-30 participants. If you wish, not everyone has to be from the same company – just get a group together.
We focus on Finance and Accounting staff since this is our background and we have significant experience in this area.

However we also have a number of clients where we train Engineers, HR staff, Administrative staff and others.

Our main focus is business-to-business so we tend to run most courses for businesses in-house. Public course list
If you get a few friends and colleagues together, we’d be happy to run a course for your group. The other alternative is personalised Mentoring.


Yes! We currently run courses for clients throughout Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. We’re happy to travel beyond these areas as well.
Please contact us with details of what course you’re interested in, any customisations you’d like to make, and how many people you’d like to train.

In-house training is often around 50-80% less than sending the same number of people to a public course. This means you can train 2-3 times as many people for the same cost.

Event Producers

Yes. We already work with a number of partners throughout the world on this basis.

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