Excel Warning Box

By Wyn Hopkins

In a nutshell: Save yourself a lot of wasted time and turn off DropBox badges….

If you ever experience a VBA Password box appearing after you close Excel and then the dreaded “Microsoft Excel has stopped working” message then there may be a simple solution……

After much debugging and digging around the internet I finally solved the issue I was having and it came down to one (well two) culprits…   DROPBOX!   and UserForms.

The files I was having problems with all had VBA UserForms in them (used to enter passwords) and protected VBA code.  These two things coupled with having Dropbox for Desktop on my computer were causing Excel to crash every time I closed it.

I’m not alone I discovered, and DropBox have been unable to fix this for a year now.

DropBox Forum article


There is a simple fix to stop Excel from crashing and it involves turning off DropBox badges.  I’m not even sure what they are, but turning them off makes me happy so that’s what I’ve done…




DropBox help – how to turn off badges


I hope this saves you the hours of wasted time I’ve spent trying to debug my VBA code.