“OMG! They Fired our Excel Guru!”OMG! They fired our Excel guru

Unfortunately, this is all too common these days.

Companies, in their over-zealous quest to reduce costs, fire the one person who actually knew how to operate that really complicated Excel spreadsheet that’s critical to the report you need to send out next week.

What were they thinking!!!

Now what?

You have a few options:

  • Muddle through: this might enable you to get the report out, but it’s highly likely to cause problems later on, particularly if you accidentally change something that has an impact you weren’t aware of elsewhere in the file.
  • Hire or contract the person back: probably not allowed under company policy, even if you can find the person.  Companies in this situation usually have a freeze on headcount.
  • Get external help: quite possibly your only option!

External Excel Experts

They’re often a great solution to problems like this because:

  • No need to hire or fire anyone: keep your headcount static so you comply with company policy.
  • No long-term commitments: use as much or as little as you need, only when you need them and keep the cost down.
  • Greater Expertise: because they focus on Excel all day, every day, they often have a higher level of expertise compared to internal resources
  • Independence: they haven’t built the spreadsheet so they can provide you with objective advice
  • No politics: when they’re on your project, they don’t get pulled off by another manager to work on something “more important”
  • Reduce Risk: you won’t be person dependent again because it’s a company that stands behind the work they deliver, not an individual

How we help

  • Scope the work to be done
  • Provide a proposal for you to approve
  • Complete the work

If you like, we can be available on an as-required basis in future to provide help whenever you need it.

Get help!

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