Excel & Power BI Mentoring / Coaching

Personalised Excel, Power BI & Financial Modelling Mentoring to suit your specific needs

Making little improvements in the way you use Excel and Power BI or approach financial modelling often greatly improves your productivity and the quality, reliability and the presentation of what you produce.

Yet many people don’t have time to attend a formal training session, and classroom training is sometimes too generic.

A more tailored solution that many clients are now preferring is Excel and Power BI Mentoring.

How it Works

  • We come to your office and provide one-on-one Mentoring to mentor you either in person (Perth) or via phone (elsewhere).
  • The mentoring covers any aspect of Excel, Power BI or financial modelling that you want and we help you work on the issues that you’re having with your own files – not simplified classroom examples.
  • The recommended session time is either 4 or 8 hours and many clients get us in every 1-2 weeks to ensure continuity … but this is flexible according to your needs. You can have more or less frequent … it’s up to you.

It’s perfect for individuals and teams where:

  • Your time is valuable, you don’t have much flexibility to attend consecutive days of training, and you need to make very best use of every hour.
  • You need to be more efficient, more productive, and do more with less.
  • You know there are better ways you could be doing things and would like to fill-in the gaps.

Benefits of Mentoring

  • The mentoring is provided in easily digestible pieces with space in between so you can practice what you’ve learned. This maximises the benefits from each session.
  • Where relevant, we’re happy for you to include one or two other staff in a session to share the benefit and maximise the value.
  • If desired, formal notes can be drawn from our other training courses and provided on course topics of interest. In addition, you’re encouraged to make your own notes as we go through.
  • Low investment – mentoring is very affordable and you choose how many sessions you want.
  • No fixed contracts – we recommend a minimum of 3-4 sessions but you can take as many or as few sessions as you like and stop whenever you want without any penalty.
  • We fit your schedule – daily, weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly at any time between 7.00am and 5.00pm … it’s up to you.

Why not try us out and see how we can help you! We love challenges so ask us all your hard questions!

“I’ve learned more from just two of your mentoring sessions
than all the previous courses I’ve attended! Thank you!”

Janet Leerson, CFO

Mentoring will allow you to make significant improvements in your Excel, Power BI & financial modelling skills and help you effectively overcome your most frustrating issues in the minimum amount of time.

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