In-Person and Virtual Classroom options - Live, instructor-led, interactive training

We are still 100% open for business and here to help you get the training you need. As more and more restrictions are being lifted we are able to run in-person training as well as virtual training. All our virtual courses are available as live, instructor-led, interactive training courses. These are not just a few videos. Instead, we're providing live, instructor-led, interactive courses and our world-class instructors guide you through every step. Our Course Facilitators have over 20 years' experience in delivering training for clients all over the world. A number of Public Courses are scheduled for Perth while interstate and international training can still be delivered using online platforms. Make this time your most productive ever by increasing your skills in reporting and analysis, you can go back to the office with new abilities and better reporting.

Course List

A2 High-Powered Excel for Finance (1 day)
Advanced Excel features and functions for Finance and Accounting power users, including practical application.
B5 Financial Modelling for Oil & Gas (3-5 days)
This course covers oil and gas financial modelling and project evaluation concepts, combined with practical experience in designing solutions to real-world financial modelling challenges.
B6 Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting (3-5 days)
Learn how to build sophisticated budgets and forecasts that are robust, flexible and user-friendly.
B7 Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting for Oil & Gas (Modelling) (3 days)
Learn the secrets of building budgets and forecasts in oil and gas companies that are robust, easy to use and flexible.
B9 Financial Modelling in Excel Training Course (2-5 days)
Our financial modelling course covers Financial Modelling Fundamentals plus Excel for Finance.
B11 Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting for Oil & Gas (Best Practice) (2 days)
This two-day training course provides participants with a solid introduction to the principles of budgeting and forecasting and the practical application of these to real-world situations.
C1 Excel VBA Training Course (1-3 days)
This VBA course is an introduction to VBA programming for automating accounting and finance functions.
D3 Power Query & Power Pivot for Excel (2 days)
This Power BI course is focused on real-world techniques and goes in-depth into how to get the most from these amazing utilities: Power Query, Power Pivot, Power BI Desktop
D4 Power Query (Get & Transform) for Excel and Power BI Desktop (1 day)
Power Query is the best thing to happen to Excel in the last 10 years. It gives Excel users the power to draw information out of multiple sources, cleanse and transform that data and load it into Excel, Power Pivot or Power BI Desktop & it will save you hours of manual data manipulation.
D6 Power BI Essentials (2-3 days)
All the key aspects you need to know to begin developing Power BI reports for your business. Create stunning interactive reports and share amazing insights! Power BI gives Excel users the power to extract data from multiple sources, link it together, perform calculations and create powerful visualisations.
D7 Advanced Power BI (2-3 days)
Take your Power BI, DAX and Power Query skills to the next level, handling more complex data and reporting scenarios. Power BI is taking the world by storm, providing amazing functionality that transforms how you connect to your data and create useful information for the decision makers in your business.
D8 Power BI Coaching Day (1 day)
Remove roadblocks, improve efficiencies, get fresh ideas with a one-day one-on-one coaching session!
E3 Excel Data Analysis in Finance (1 day)
Features, functions and techniques for analysing & visualising large data sets using Excel.
E5 Maximising your Excel Productivity (1 day)
Hidden shortcuts and techniques that save time and improve productivity.
E9 Modern Excel – New Excel Capabilities (1 day)
Discover what’s new with the latest Excel 365 updates.
G1 Excel Super User (2 days)
Take a leap forward in the way you use Excel. Learn from experts who have years of practical experience and are still developing high quality Excel based applications for clients throughout the region.
M5 Financial Modelling for Mining Companies (3-5 days)
Financial modelling for mining projects including project evaluation and finance.
P1 Project Finance & Project Financial Modelling  (3-5 days)
Financial modelling for project finance and spreadsheet modelling best practices.
P4 Real Estate Financial Modelling  (3-5 days)
Financial modelling for property development projects.

Many of our courses can be tailored to by adding or removing content to go deeper into the subjects or take a higher-level overview, according to your requirements.

We are now offering organisations the option of online training. We have more information for organisations about our In-House Training/Virtual Classrooms here. If you are interested in attending one of our public courses, dates and availability can be found on our Global Course Calendar.

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