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Audit Excel Formulas to Find Financial Spreadsheet Errors with The Spreadsheet Detective

Spreadsheets are notoriously difficult to validate. Undetected errors have caused large financial losses and expensive litigation. The Spreadsheet Detective helps ensure model correctness in Microsoft® Excel® by providing automated documentation that highlights mistakes.

The Spreadsheet Detective tool has received a 5 Star (top) rating from ZD Net.

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The Spreadsheet Detective Audit Features

The Spreadsheet Detective generates graphical annotations that can:
  • Get the big picture with a comprehensive workbook report, data flow analysis and error detection.
  • Show how formulas have been copied throughout a workbook.
  • Clarify cryptic “A1” references using English AutoNames.
  • Easily follow complex Workbook Precedent/Dependent relationships.
  • Compare different versions of a spreadsheet.
  • Perform advanced inter-worksheet data flow analysis for complex models.
  • Encrypt sensitive workbooks without any risk of losing the password.
  • Highlight bad sensitivity relationships.
  • Assist with the understanding and manipulation of Named Ranges.

And much more…

In combination these clarify the structure of complex models.  They go well beyond Microsoft Excel’s in built auditing features.

About Spreadsheet Detective

The Spreadsheet Detective has been revealing modeling errors since 1997.  Many features have been added since that time based on extensive customer feedback. Other less established spreadsheet auditing tools may offer some superficially similar features, but they lack the depth and quality of the Spreadsheet Detective.

Customers include KPMG, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu,  Morgan Stanley,  CitiBank,  Bankers Trust, Australia Post, Bentleys, BDO Nelson Parkhill, AMP, Preston Resources, Westpac Bank, William Mercer, Pannell Kerr Forster, Caladonian Life, Deutsche Bank, Thiess Construction, Queensland Treasury, Duke Energy, ANZ Bank, Guinness Brewery, Navigator Project Finance, General Motors, Lotus 123, …

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