Invest for Excel: FAQ

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Enter your details on the download page then check your Inbox for an e-mail with further instructions and your 30-day activation code.

If you don’t receive an e-mail from us, check your Junk E-mail and check the address typed to ensure it is correct.

Invest for Excel is installed under “DataPartner” in your Start menu. You’ll need to run Invest for Excel by going to Start > DataPartner > Invest for Excel

When installing Invest for Excel, setup gives an error about write permissions

You have to log in as a system administrator in order to install Invest for Excel® for all users.

If you don’t have administrator rights for the computer, you can normally still install Invest for Excel to a directory under My Documents.

Note: Invest for Excel® uses macros so you will need to allow macros to run by selecting “Enable Macros” when you start the program.

Invest for Excel macros are digitally signed by DataPartner so if you accept DataPartner as a trusted publisher (select “Always trust macros from this publisher”), the enable macros screen will not be shown at startup.

If you have Microsoft Excel 2003 and the macro security level “Very high” is selected, the program will not start. You will need to set the macro security level to “High” or “Medium” (Microsoft Excel menu “Tools-Macro-Security”).

“Medium” Macro security setting is recommended for the use of Invest for Excel. A security level of “Low” is not recommended.

The Maintenance Agreement includes ongoing e-mail support plus new versions of Invest for Excel® so that your software is always up-to-date.

Invest for Excel® is constantly developed based on user feedback and to reflect changes in legislation and reporting standards. The agreement is valid one year at a time, unless it is withdrawn at least one month before the end of the agreement period.

PC with Pentium processor or greater
256 MB of memory
100 MB of available hard-disk space
Microsoft Excel 2000+
Microsoft Windows 2000 or later
It may run but unfortunately this platform is not supported.

Using Invest for Excel

  • Better investment decisions through more reliable and quicker analysis
  • Companies are more agile and can take full advantage of opportunities
  • Cost savings by reducing the need for consulting services in building models
  • Improved risk rating which ultimately leads to a higher value of the company
  • Staff become more efficient since the investment analysis models are standardised
Assurance and credibility. A standardised calculation is far more reliable as there is a much lower risk of calculation errors.

The form of the calculation is consistent and comparable for all projects. This makes it very easy to understand a model, even if it was produced by someone else.

Invest for Excel is not industry-specific.

As such, it has been successfully applied across almost every industry e.g. energy, forestry, paper, metals, mining & resources, oil & gas, automobile, property, telecommunication, machinery, construction, transport, tourism, furniture, finance and banking, chemical, food, trading – retail and wholesale, media, services, public sector, universities and more!

Further details are available under Case Studies.

Yes! The program allows many modifications and customisations without losing the benefits of the standard program.

Many modifications can be easily made by the user, without the need for a programmer or consultant.

Please contact us to find out more.

The purchase price depends on the number of named user licenses and the version of the software.

The software can be installed easily by the end-user, so no additional installation costs or setup costs are normally involved. Full installation instructions are provided with the CD.
Training is highly recommended in order to get the maximum benefit from your investment in the software.

Training for new users is normally 1-2 days. The training uses many practical case studies and allows new users to fully explore the software’s functionality, structure and way of working.

There is an ongoing Maintenance Agreement which provides software updates every year as well as Help Desk support and one training session per user per year. The annual Maintenance Agreement cost is 20% of the license price.

How many licenses have been delivered so far?

More than 3,000.

The software developer is DataPartner Oy in Finland. The company was established in 1987. Invest for Excel is a software tool that has been developed using over 20 years’ consulting experience for hundreds of clients.

What ongoing development of the software is there?

DataPartner is continually developing the software to incorporate clients’ needs, requests and requirements, as well as new laws and regulations.

Yes. You can use standard Monte Carlo add-ins such as @Risk or Crystal Ball. For more information, see the white papers.