Event Producers’ FAQ

How we work with Local and International Event Producers

We are happy to provide our speakers to event producers and we have successfully completed many engagements of this nature.

We have worked all over the world with some of the biggest names in training events as well as the smallest. We enjoy partnering with companies that are highly professional, well-run and well-organised, so if that’s you, please call or e-mail us (details below)!

We have trained delegates from:

Oceania & Africa

New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
South Africa

Europe & Middle East

Saudi Arabia


East Timor
Hong Kong

We may be able to customise our courses for you and if you are willing to book multiple courses, we may even be able to write a new course specifically for you.

We may also be able to develop courses for other specific niches if we see these can be re-used so please enquire.

Naturally, all of the above depends on the time we have available to create the customisations and/or additional content.

Minimum 4 star hotel, all meals included (via reimbursement upon receipt or daily allowance – either is fine), transfers between the destination airport and the hotel, Internet access at the hotel, airfares (economy for less than 7 hours, business class for 7 hours or more), and the cost of any applicable visas.

If there is a timezone change of 5 hours or more, we will need to arrive an extra day ahead so we can adjust properly and present a great course for you.

Wherever possible, we prefer to either start courses on a Monday or end them on a Friday so as to minimise travelling time during working hours.

This is how we normally work with event producers:

  • We send you an electronic copy of the course notes for you to print and distribute to all participants. This is normally provided 5-10 working days prior to the course.
  • Alternatively, if you’d like to save all your printing costs & administration time, we use and recommend Prezentt.  This is a paperless system for distributing training materials that also allows delegates to take & save their own notes, access other materials like templates & PDFs, ask questions at any time, and download the notes automatically.
  • We provide exercises to each participant via Prezentt.  This usually includes the exercises, suggested solutions, other useful resources, and a variety of templates.
  • We normally exchange business (name) cards with each participant so we can provide them with ongoing e-mail support if they require.
  • We bring a laptop to plug into your projector.
  • All course participants will need to bring laptops with Excel installed. Please ensure this is communicated clearly to all participants.
  • All participants will require WiFi access throughout the course to access the Prezentt system.
  • Training venue requirements: training room should be setup in classroom style with sufficient space for each participant to have a laptop and training materials in front of them; each participant will also need access to a power point to plug in their laptop.
  • We are happy to assist you with the brochure wording and grammar to ensure both our companies are presented in the best light possible.
  • The nature and structure of our courses mean that they work best with groups of 20 or less. We can train larger groups if you wish by bringing along a support trainer.  This will incur an additional fee.
If any opportunities for further training are identified, we will always refer these back to you since we respect your relationship with your clients.

If any consulting opportunities arise, we normally work with the clients directly unless the trainer’s agreement specifies otherwise.

We need a minimum of 14 days notice when making bookings or changes. This enables us to properly prepare for courses or organise alternative work should courses not proceed.

  • At least 14 days’ notice is required to organise courses. Course bookings that are not confirmed at least 14 days in advance must, unfortunately, be assumed to be cancelled and we will accept other client requests.
  • At least 14 days’ notice is required to cancel a course booking. Course bookings cancelled with less than 14 days’ notice will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of our fees.
We work with a variety of event producers.

Once you book a course with us, our policy is that your trainer will not run that course for a competing company in the same city within 2 months either side of the course date.

This provides you with the assurance that you won’t run into competition (at least from us!) for the same course.

We normally list details of public courses we are booked to present on our website with a link to your website. If you do not want your course listed, please let us know.

We always ensure that the names and contact details of course participants are kept confidential.

We have standard daily rates that apply to all courses we present – please enquire.

We would love to be able to negotiate these with you but our rates have been set to cover the amount of time required to prepare and present the course for you so unfortunately, we are not able to negotiate.

For new clients, our fees are charged 50% up-front, due 14 days in advance. The remainder of the fee is placed into an escrow account to be released within 7 days of course completion, once we provide the course feedback forms to you.

Following a successful experience, payment terms may be amended to 100% within 14 days of course completion.

We can only accept payment via wire transfer or credit card.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept cheques or bank drafts under any circumstances.

With all clients, airfare and accommodation costs are paid directly by the event organiser.

We have a range of trainers available.

Please contact Jeff Robson on +61 8 6210 8500 with any questions regarding potential bookings, course content or fees.  You may also wish to speak with our Training Administration & Logistics Manager (same phone number).