Power Query Challenge – A Unique Problem

by Wyn Hopkins The Challenge... In this month's challenge, you need to combine any non duplicate items into a single cell for each client ID#. e.g. Client ID1 has 2 rows. All entries need to be combined to return 1 row for Client ID 1 so for example the two Phone Numbers: Phone 1 and [...]

Code Interpreter GPT-4: Is it cocktails on the beach time?

by Wyn Hopkins Instant Analysis with Code Interpreter and ChatGPT Take 8 Excel files, write 2 instructions ( 25 words in total ), done…data summarized and charts built! Go to OpenAI.com GPT -4, enable Code Interpreter Write 1 sentence and upload folder of data (do not use sensitive data) Here’s the content of the zipped [...]

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Streamlining Power Query Code Documentation with GPT-4: A Game Changer

by Wyn Hopkins Streamlining Power Query Code Documentation with GPT-4: A Game Changer Watch my explanation or read on if you prefer...   Introduction As Power BI and Excel developers, we often find ourselves knee-deep in lines of code. Writing, cleaning, documenting, and renaming steps - it can all be quite time-consuming. The game has [...]

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Dynamic Data Validation with Tables in Excel

Dynamic Data Validation with Tables in Excel Welcome...this is an older post, you may be more interested in newer, more up to date techniques... For single dependent drop downs check out our video HERE For multi-row multi-level drop downs you can check out our blog post and video HERE     Check out [...]

Unleash ChatGPT’s Power in Office 365

by Jeff Robson Supercharge Your Workflow: Integrate ChatGPT Prompts with your data in Excel, Word & Outlook with a Single Click! Introduction You often do the same kinds of things in Office. You can now automate these processes and integrate your data with pre-written ChatGPT prompts with just one click. Before diving [...]

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Easiest Excel Multiple Row Dependent Drop Down List

by Wyn Hopkins The EASIEST Excel multiple row dependent drop down list you've ever seen! If you want to create one-off dependent drop-down lists in data validation, you can use a simple technique with XLOOKUP. We did a video on it available here. But what if you want to create multiple dependent drop-down lists in [...]

Power Query Challenge – Best in Class

by Wyn Hopkins The Challenge... School’s almost out for summer (well in Australia anyway)… how has everyone done in their exams? Who had the highest average score for each day? How can we tell?   We need to sprinkle on some Power Query Magic dust! *Don't forget to make your solution flexible so that if more [...]

Power Query Challenge – Ticket List

by Wyn Hopkins The Challenge... Our Solution... Convert Range of Values to a List - Power Query Challenge youtu.be Your Solutions... Some of the solutions we received can be viewed here along with the original challenge: Power Query Challenge Tickets to Rows        

Power Query Challenge – Merge Duplicates Alert

by Wyn Hopkins Creating a Merge Duplicates Alert This challenge is how to warn the end user that duplicates exist The Challenge... Take the challenge with our free download     And if you would like us to have a look at your solution e-mail it to info@accessanalytic.com.au

Power Query Stop Start Challenge

by Wyn Hopkins The Challenge: Hours from Start and End Assume Start Time and Stop Time are always whole hours Solution must handle new rows of data being added to the source with new staff names Remove any records marked as "exclude" in the Status column (handle upper case / lower case typos) Our approach... [...]

Power Query Survey Response Challenge

by Wyn Hopkins The Challenge: Survey Response Remove any current AND FUTURE columns that begin with Sys, but allow for other future additional (non Sys) columns to be automatically included Replace all but 1 space between the names in the first column Add a TRUE / FALSE flag for the 3 response options in 3 [...]