Paste Linking

Paste Linking I use Paste Link frequently. Is there a quick way to access it instead of going through Paste Special each time? By Neale Blackwood Unfortunately Paste Link doesn't have a toolbar icon. However, when you drag a selection with the right mouse button there is a "Link here" option, which is the [...]


 Turning Off Drag And Drop Automatically

Turning off Drag and Drop automatically I have an input spreadsheet that I distribute to users. I have used sheet protection to ensure users can only change input areas. The problem is users are still able to drag and drop within the input areas, which causes #REF! errors. Is there a way to stop [...]


 Pasting Values Made Easy

Pasting Values made easy I use Edit > Paste Special > Values frequently and was wondering, what is the easiest way to do it? By Neale Blackwood The easiest way to paste values is by dragging the range or cell with your right mouse button. When you release the button the menu has 'Copy [...]


 Follow Link By Double Clicking

Follow link by double clicking I've used spreadsheets that let you follow a link in a cell by double-clicking on the cell, but I can't find the setting that makes this work. What setting do I have to change? By Neale Blackwood The setting you need to change is named after another feature, which [...]


 Print All Sheets In One Step

Print all sheets in one step Is it possible to print all the sheets in a workbook in one step? By Neale Blackwood To print all the sheets, right click any of the sheet tabs and choose Select All Sheets. Then click the print button. As a precaution you should first click the Print [...]


 Dragging Weekdays Only

Dragging weekdays only Right click and drag By Neale Blackwood If you need to populate only weekdays when you drag a date cell with the fill handle (the cross at the bottom right corner of cell/range) then drag the fill handle with the right mouse button. When you release the button there will be [...]


 Shift Key And The Toolbar

Shift key and the toolbar Reduce the number of toolbar icons The Shift key has many uses in Excel, not just changing lower case to upper case. If you hold the Shift key down and click some toolbar icons, Excel will do the opposite of what the icon says. There are only a limited [...]

 Double Click Magic

Double Click magic Mouse Shortcut By Neale Blackwood Excel has a number of shortcuts that work with a double click. Here's a few: Double click the AutoSum toolbar icon to automatically insert a SUM formula (it uses the guessed range). If you select a range first it only takes a single click to insert [...]