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Power Query and a file selector Macro

by Wyn Hopkins Power Query and a file selector Macro   If you have an Excel file containing Power Query and need to send it to colleagues, read on. If they need to be able to change where the source data for the Query is being pulled from then read on. If you [...]

Dynamically consolidate multiple ranges

By Yury Tokarev Dynamically consolidate multiple ranges when loading Excel files from Folder in Power Query We've come across a task where we need to consolidate a client's budget data from Excel files, each representing a division, where any of the files may have multiple similarly structured tabs with sub-divisional data. In our [...]

Power Pivot basics

Power Pivot basics plus a Power Query technique for handling awkward data Something for everyone in this video, showing how to take awkward source data, transform it using Power Query and produce an interactive variance report in Power Pivot. The pre-built template we used is available for free from our website along other cool downloads [...]

5 Ways to use Power Query more effectively

Power Query is an amazing tool for cleaning and transforming your data to make it ready for analysis in Power BI or Excel. Here are 5 useful hints to help you use Power Query more effectively: Hint #1 – Use the Formula Bar The Formula Bar helps you quickly understand which step you have previously [...]

Read a Range Name, Table or Sheet from all Excel files in a Folder using Power Query

If you have a bunch of Excel files that all have the same structure, you can easily pick a table name, sheet name or range name that exists in all of them and read that one item from all workbooks into a single table using Power Query. It's an incredibly useful tool for situations such [...]

Power BI Data Sources for Estimating Market Share

Power BI data sources can be almost any file, database or web service. Here's an innovative way to use this amazing connectivity to estimate your market share using free information sources from the web. Facebook tells me my Market Size If you've ever placed an ad on Facebook, you'll know the incredible range of characteristics [...]

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Get & Transform to the rescue!

Get & Transform to the rescue! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's way better than that, it's Excel! Get & Transform, also known as Power Query, gives Excel users super powers. Here's the latest scenario where it has helped out and also is an opportunity for me to demonstrate a method [...]

Data is the oil of the 21st Century – Analytics is the engine

Data is the oil of the 21st Century - Analytics is the engine “Data … the next natural resource” (Virginia Rometty, CEO, IBM, 2013) Oil - the commodity that got us here Current generations might be forgiven for being blasé about the mega role of oil in our daily lives. For most of us, [...]

Power Query Data Cleansing – solving all sorts of Excel issues

Power Query Data Cleansing - solving all sorts of Excel issues by Wyn Hopkins   Some may see Power Query simply as a brilliant way of connecting to multiple data sources and loading that data into a Microsoft Power BI development environment (Excel Power Pivot or Power BI desktop). Having spent 25 [...]

Introducing Power Pivot – Power Query (Get & Transform) – Video Introduction Part 3

Introducing Power Pivot  In this video I introduce Power Pivot and how you can use it to join multiple tables of data together and display your data in a Fiscal Year format. In part 1 I demonstrated how Power Query can quickly consolidate all of the files in a folder and bring that data [...]