Formula Auditing Toolbar

Formula Auditing Toolbar Tracking the formula inputs By Neale Blackwood If you need to analyse formula and track the links to and from a cell use the Formula Auditing Toolbar. In Excel 2003 you can view the toolbar by Right clicking the toolbar and selecting Formula Auditing. In Excel 2007 it appears in the [...]


 Spreadsheet Blunders Cost Businesses Billions

Spreadsheet blunders cost businesses billions By Jeff Robson A recent report released by UK-based financial modelling company F1F9, has once again highlighted the multi-billion – in this case, pound – costs to business of spreadsheet errors. Kenny Whitelaw-Jones, F1F9 Managing Director, said that his company’s estimates suggested 88 per cent of spreadsheets contained errors, and [...]


 Financial Modelling Risk Is Inevitable

Financial Modelling Risk is Inevitable Managed well, it can create business value, but the alternative can be costly. By Jeff Robson Effective modelling to quantify and manage business risk is vital across all industry sectors. Models can be Economic: examining strategic planning and project evaluation. Such models are typically long term (5-30 years), contain [...]

 How To Tell If Your Financial Models Are At Risk

How to tell if your Financial Models are at Risk By Jeff Robson   Worldwide, legions of spreadsheets support corporate infrastructure.  Every day, directors, managers and professionals in all disciplines use those spreadsheets to make business-critical decisions with far-reaching consequences. But, many studies over the past 10 years have shown that 80 to 90 [...]


 Excel Formula Auditing

Excel Formula Auditing Tips for improving data quality through Excel Formula Auditing By Jeff Robson Excel formula auditing is important!  If you regularly create or review spreadsheets, you'll know just how many errors there can be! Experts estimate that on average, about 80% of complex spreadsheets contain some kind of material error. So if you're [...]